A downloadable game for Android

Find your way through a distressed spaceship in this audio-only adventure game

Play as UGO, a small maintenance robot awaken in a distressed spaceship
by its Commandant locked away in the flight deck.
You are lost in the Koriavov, a drifting settlers-ship
headed for a new exoplanet, with no ways to send a distress call.
Explore the almost abandoned ship, and find a way to
call for help.


Audio Only

  • The game doesn’t rely on graphics to tell its story, describe the environment or present challenge to the player.
  • Binaural Sound spatialisation

Alternative use of VR

  • It serves the purpose of a blindfold to immerge you even more in the audio-only universe of the game


The day I met LAIA is a 3 months long project, made between March and June 2017 at CNAM-ENJMIN (France). We are a team of 6 people on 5 different specialities : producing, game design, programming, sound design and ux/ui design. Our goal was to make a short audio-only experience where you are able to live a story, solve puzzles and enjoy the environments. We want to experiment an unusual technology for our game: the Cardboard and the Gear VR. All of our sounds were made for a binaural experience, and you can listen to our trailer in 5.1. The project is presented on June 12th and 13th at CNAM-ENJMIN and on June 24th at Paris for the end of the Hits Playtime contest.


Leïla Larrodé - The Commander (French)

Meghan Martin - The Commander (English)

Charlotte Couder - Original Idea / Game Design

Thomas Francisco - Developper

Lucile Garcia Bastida - Producer

Helios Moreau - UX Designer

Antoine Sarrazin - Game Designer / Producer

Timothée Sonnier - Sound Designer


The Day I met LAIA - ENGLISH (BETA) 192 MB

Install instructions


This game require a wireless external controller connected via Bluetooth to be played fully.

(At the moment, we don't know which ones are supported, but we a cheap one of Amazon : )

EDIT : Apparently, the Dualshock 3 seems to work (DPad Up and Down, Start for Action)

The game will be ported shortly on the 2017's Gear VR with the controller.


You will also need a pair of headphones (or ear buds) correctly placed on your head, to play, or the binaural won't work as expected.


Pair your wireless controller with your phone, then lauch the app, put it in your preferred viewer and lauch the game by pressing the Action button (depending on your controller).

The game takes a while to load, but you will hear the commander once it's launched.


Use your head to "look" around, and to feel your environnement. It will also be used for puzzles and other mechanics

Up and Down for movement

Action for... Actions (Doors, Audiologs, Switches, ...)

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